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Questions and Answers about Braces (Part2)


After you get your retainer, your orthodontist will let you know when you need to wear it and the length of time. You may need to wear your retainer throughout the day and throughout the night for up to two years; you may need to wear them at night for six months; or you may need to wear it each other night for a couple of years, depending on your teeth.

Life with Braces

Braces attract food particles like magnets attract steel, so you have to keep your teeth exceptionally clean while you have them on. You’ll need to brush after every meal and be keen to get out any particles that get stuck in your braces.

Your orthodontist might give you a special flosser that you can use to floss the inside and around your braces. When the wires get exchanged by your orthodontist, inquire as to whether you can do quick floss (it is easier without the wires).

You will not need to stick to a diet when on braces, but you’ll need to dodge some foods that are not best with braces. Stay far from popcorn, sticky hard and sweets and particularly chewing gum. Sugary drinks can also cause problems since the sugar that stays on your teeth may bring to you tooth decay. It’s not that these drinks are prohibited, however, make certain to brush immediately after drinking them.

Since braces put pressure on your teeth, occasionally, you may feel uneasy, especially after the orthodontist makes some alterations. If you feel some pain, it is good to ask your parents for a pain reliever

If you ever have a wire that is poking you, you ought to see the orthodontist immediately to get it dealt with. If your orthodontist cannot get where the problem is, they may issue you some soft wax that you can stick to the section that is pestering you. The rubbing is going to stop.

Braces can, therefore, be inconvenient, yet many children have them, and they are unquestionably worth the inconvenience. The day that your braces get removed, you will be amazed at your new and improved smile.

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