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What Is a Root Canal Treatment in Englewood Cliffs, NJ?

Root Canal Treatment

Were you told by your dentist that you need a root canal treatment? If this is the case, know that this is common. Millions of people’s teeth are treated with this treatment on an annual basis. Become educated on how a root canal can truly alleviate toothaches and improve your smile. You can do this by finding an endodontist in your city.

To begin understanding how a root canal treatment works, it is beneficial to learn about the basic anatomy of teeth. Inside each of your teeth there is a hard substance called dentin. This lies beneath the white enamel of the outer layer, and it is frequently called pulp. This soft tissue is made up of nerves, blood vessels and tissue. When teeth are fully developed, the teeth can live with no pulp in them. This is because teeth will be thoroughly nourished by other surrounding tissues.

An endodontic procedure is used to treat the inside part of teeth. It is necessary to use endodontic treatment if the pulp is infected or experiences inflammation. There are many different causes that lead to inflammation or infection. Some of these causes include advanced decay, repeated dental work and cracks or chips in teeth. Some types of trauma to teeth do not produce visible chips and cracks, but the pulp can still be damaged. When inflammation or infection of the pulp is not treated, it can easily and quickly lead to pain or a tooth abscess.

So, how does an endodontic procedure save a tooth?

When a root canal treatment procedure is performed, inflamed and infected pulp is extracted from the tooth. When this is done, the inside part of a tooth is thoroughly disinfected. It is then sealed tight with a rubbery substance. This material is called gutta-percha. After this is done, a tooth is then restored. A filling or a crown will be put in place to protect the tooth. When this procedure is completed, a tooth will properly function like other healthy teeth do.

There are many jokes about root canals, but this treatment is actually rather similar to the process of a filling. In most cases, a root canal is performed in one to two appointments. This depends on personal factors like the condition your damaged tooth is in. Be reassured that you can anticipate a fairly comfortable feeling both during and after the root canal procedure.

There are several different benefits of getting a root canal treatment procedure:

– Chewing is much more effective.

– Biting and other mechanisms go back to normal

– Your teeth will look completely natural.

– Your other teeth will be protected from wear and strain.

A root canal treatment can allow you to keep your healthy and natural smile. You can also enjoy eating your favorite foods, and the need for further dental work is decreased. If proper care is given, teeth that are treated with a root canal will last just as long as natural teeth do. In many cases, treated teeth will last for an entire lifetime.

Qualified Root Canal Treatment

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